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Приказ министра о налогах и сборах в г. Дебальцево и Углегорск, поселках городского типа Булавинское и Ольховатка, г. Енакиево.

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Весь Донбасс - веб-каталог Донецка и Луганска


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Главная » 2013 » Июнь » 5 » Юзовка и революция. Iuzovka and Revolution, 1869—1924 [PDF]
Юзовка и революция. Iuzovka and Revolution, 1869—1924 [PDF]
Юзовка и революция. Том 2. Политика и революция в российском Донбассе 1869-1924
Юзовка и революция. Том 1. Жизнь и работа в российском Донбассе 1869-1924.

"The rare villages scattered in the steppe are composed of huts, thatched cottages resembling nothing so much as piles of straw, cupped in a fold of land, usually where a stream is flowing.”1 This was how the French engineer Monin, sent to survey economic activity in the Donbass, described it in the year 1882. It was a barren, uninviting area. Though Donbass land is fertile, precipitation is infrequent and irregular. Summers are hot and dry, with strong winds that raise an "unbelievable dust.”2 There is virtually no plant growth whatsoever. The result is that it is sparsely populated, a fact of some significance to this volume, for it means that when the vast mineral riches of the Donbass were finally developed, there was no local labor surplus to be turned to their exploitation. A new, foreign work force had to be brought to this steppeland of the southeastern Ukraine, complicating the already difficult task of creating a modern industrial society.

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